Succeed by Learning to Speak Your Mind to An Audience

Most of us would rather dig a ditch than give a speech.
But the people who get ahead are those who know how to motivate others in public speaking forums.
The next time you’re offered the chance to make a presentation, say Yes!–and follow this advice:
Learn about your audience. Who will be listening? What’s important to them?

If you’re following other speakers, find out who they are and get an idea of what they’re going to talk about so you can fit your remarks into the right context.

Know your material. Don’t wing it with a few notes on a single 3×5 card. Do enough research to understand your topic and anticipate the questions you’re likely to be asked. Prepare an outline, if not a whole speech, and follow it as you talk.

Set a clear goal. Audiences rarely enjoy vague, wishy-washy speeches. Decide what you want your main takeaway to be, a clear call to action, and structure your speech around it.

Practice. Run through the speech a few times before you deliver it to an audience. You’ll feel more comfortable with a solid mastery of the words.

Check out the room. If possible, visit the venue before you have to step up to the lectern. You’ll be more relaxed if you can visualize the material ahead of time. You can also check for sight lines and get a sense of the acoustics.

Have a strong opening. You don’t necessarily have to open with a joke (“A frog, a rabbit, and Donald Trump walk into a bar . . .”), but your opening lines should be clear and focused. Wasting three minutes thanking the host and complimenting the audience (or worse, apologizing for your nerves) will encourage your audience to tune out.

Finish on time. Few listeners ever wish that a speech was longer. As you practice, keep an eye on how much time you’re using, and stick to the time limit. If you come up short, you can always take questions.

3 Step Formula ANY Business Can Use To INCREASE Profits

Okay…I’m about to give up, but as we teach our clients, persistence is vital to success. So I’ll try ‘ONE-LAST- TIME’ to convince you to take a FREE Test Drive, I’ll do it by sharing with you a simple 3-step formula  ANY business can use to INCREASE profits and then giving you a real-life example. Fair enough?

Here it is:

Step #1: Tell them What You’ve Got (describe your product or service)

Step #2: Tell them what it will do for them (What BENEFITS will they receive)

Step #3: Tell them what to do next (This is VITAL. Way too many entrepreneurs and businesses WIMP OUT at the end and don’t ask for the order. Is this mistake preventing all the money YOU deserve from flowing into YOUR bank account?)

Millions (maybe even Billions) of dollars are made each year by smart businesspeople who follow this simple formula.

Here’s What It Can Do For You:

Instead of over-hyped promises, how about some real-life examples of WHAT THIS ACTUALLY HAS DONE for people just like you?


“I double majored in advertising and marketing in college but I have learned more about these two areas from Alex Moses in the past month alone than I earned in college, 15 years in the corporate world, and the last 13 years of being self-employed.”

Rober S.


“I’m a real estate investor living in a very tough competitive environment and within just 3-months of working with Alex Moses Marketing Strategies, I was able to DOUBLE the number of houses I bought and sold.  Best of all, I was able to accurately determine where the best bang for my marketing dollars should be spent in order to get a better return on my investment. The funny thing is…when I first heard about Alex Moses; I thought his information wouldn’t apply to my business. Boy am I glad I didn’t make that mistake! Even more amazing, I’ve been a client for over 3-years and with every session , I continue to get more and more money-making information.”

Mike Brosno


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My Business Philosophy

This post might help you understand my philosophy. Hopefully it will help you in your life and answer questions that you are seeking answers to.

What is my business philosophy?

As someone who considers himself a spiritual person, I want one thing in my life: love. My whole life is about love. What does it have to do with business, one might ask? Everything!!! The perfect model of a business in my opinion is when someone does what they absolutely love and cannot see themselves doing anything else.

Most people would agree with me, but there are two pieces of the puzzle missing. Doing what you love is great if you have clients. But what if you don’t have clients or don’t have enough clients to generate enough income to pay your bills? Then your dream business turns into stress that causes you pain and doesn’t produce love. So the second part of a successful business is having clients who love what you offer. That is a bit more complicated to achieve, but there is plenty of information online today that deals exactly with that issue.

Now if we find what we love to do, and finally have clients who love our products/services, what else is there? It seems like we are all set. But there is one more crucial piece to the puzzle, without which the business will go under before you know it. You have to love your clients. They are the link between you and the world. Do not look at clients as “end users.” They are your sales and marketing people who not only buy your products but also will build your business. Everyone knows that the best clients in business are referrals, not only referrals but referrals who will bring more referrals and so on and so on.

So why do I do what I do?

Because I do not have a choice. I did not pick this business; it picked me.

I had my first business at the age of 14. By the time I was 17, I was already helping others generate income to feed their families. Everyone who ever came across my path wanted to go into business with me, or at least asked me advice about business. Thirty years later, nothing has changed. People still come to me and ask what they need to do to improve their business. I know only four things: spirituality, sales, business, and psychology. So it is very clear that I did not have a choice about what to do. I love it and that’s the only thing I know. I do not do it for the money or fame. In reality I have done it for free at least five times more than for a fee. Just like my parents, it was given to me by God, and is going to be part of my life until end of my days.

Alex Moses
Business Consultant

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Empower Your Communications With Love

“The most important thing in communication is hearing what isn’t said.” – Peter Drucker

We all know what we say has a big value in our daily life and in our businesses. But it is not as important as what we let other people tell us.

As a business consultant it took me a very long time, almost 40 years, to realize that it is not as important what I tell my clients as what they tell me, including in many cases what they do not say. One might think, “How can I help someone, if they do not tell me what bothers them or what the real problem is?” I know exactly how you feel because that’s how I felt. If you are not sure what you need help with, then how can I help you?

The answer is to treat every conversation with love, and let the person you talk to identify what bothers them, so they can lead you to the real pain in their life that needs attention. It may not necessarily be what they think the issue is. It is not easy at first, but with a little practice you can become an expert at it, and improve your communication skills a lot.

In my consulting career, I do not focus on offering my advice first, and then you do what I tell you to do. It is completely in reverse: you pick your own direction to go, and I just hold your hand along the way.

My 30 years of business experience has value only for one person: “Me.” Not anyone else. I use my experience to help others avoid mistakes that I have already faced. I help them to identify their own unique path to success. I do consider myself a business consultant, not there to tell you what to do, but to allow you to tell me what you want to achieve and provide you with a lot of love and support, to protect you from pitfalls that my life made me go through.

In conclusion, I wish to tell you what worked for me to improve my communication with people, and that is LOVE. Instead of sharing my opinion, I share my love and let the other person feel it so they can open up to me, and tell me what they keep deep inside that truly causes them pain.

Alex Moses
Business Consultant