Meet Alex Moses

At the age of 10 I completely lost my eyesight in a firework accident. After a lot of pain and suffering for almost a year, my vision was restored. At the age of 14 I got severe flu that turned into tuberculosis. I was in so much pain for 3 months that I was asking God to let me die. At the age of 26 I got the worst headache I had ever experienced that turned into a stroke. It took a year for me to recover.

At the age of 27 I moved to Los Angeles, CA and started my life all over
again. I went back to school to become a software developer. A year after
graduation I started my own internet company.  In 2001 I sold my company
and decided to retire. That’s when a second stroke hit and put me out of
commission for another year.

Everything was going great for about 10 years. I built a successful trade
school that became the second most profitable in the industry. That’s when
my back went out and I became completely paralyzed. By then I was 100%
sure that God was trying to tell me something. I realized that I had always
been chasing money instead of true happiness, which could have been the
cause of all my medical problems.
Doctors recommended back surgery but I decided to go the mind over body
route. I developed my own system to heal back issues. Miraculously, against
all doctors’ predictions, I was walking pain-free a month later. Suddenly,
everything was becoming crystal-clear as I began realizing that these
setbacks had been lessons serving a higher purpose: to help me develop a
miraculous method that can improve peoples’ health, love and financial

Eight years later I am living with the love of my life and enjoying every day to
the fullest, pain-free and in the best shape ever. I have found the MEANING
and the PURPOSE of my life: helping people just like you transform their
lives from fear of uncertainty to love and prosperity.


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