Introducing Love Into A Business

I started my first business in 1989 (28 years ago).
Some of my businesses were very successful, some were not.
It took me almost 3 decades of business development
and almost a decade of business consulting to learn 
the secret of how to turn your business around
and/or start a business that is successful from day one. 

The answer is very simple and complicated at the same time. – LOVE

Everyone knows that you have to do
what you love for a living in order to be successful,
but most people do not know what LOVE is
and even fewer people know how to apply LOVE.
I am talking about LOVE as ultimate energy not a feeling or emotion 

I can introduce you to LOVE 
and show you how to apply it in business or any other part of your life
to achieve unprecedented success, abundance, happiness and life fulfillment.

7 SEO Secrets High Priced Consultants Aren’t Telling You

I get emails on a daily basis from my clients asking me how I market my website. I am about to tell you all my secrets. Are you ready? Some of my clients have paid me thousands of dollars for what you about to learn for FREE.

Secrets Revealed:

  1. WordPress Marketing: I see a lot of people going through other people’s blogs and just liking them without reading what they are about, or even commenting without reading, using comments like: Nice, Great Post, Thank you for the post, etc. You might get a few followers this way, but I am not sure they are going to be as good as you wish them to be, because at the end of the day, you get back based on what you put in. “The Law Of Balance.” What I do or what has worked for me: I read the post and provide a detailed and personal comment as much as I can. And at the bottom I include my name, title and website address. It is obviously a self-promotion post, but as long as the content is good, it will be approved by a blog owner. In most cases, they will become your followers as well. This method also creates keywords and pingbacks that rate your blog better by Google. You can go through as many blogs as you wish, but you will never cover them all until the end of days. As of right now, there over 4.2 million and growing  blogs on platform alone.
  2. Categories and Tags. Make it easy for your readers to find content on your website. Good category and title names with tags for descriptions will be a huge help, as well as getting you better ratings on search engines, and better targeted traffic. I use google adwords to do my research on the most popular keywords related to my niche.
  3. Google+ has a lot of communities where you can share your posts. Using Google+ is another way to improve search results for your blog.  It is free to join and takes just a single click. If you are not familiar with Google+, think of it as the Google version of Facebook.
  4. Youtube is the second most searched platform after Google. For this reason, it would be a very good place to place your ads. If you are shy of being on camera, you can create video slides about your blog page with music or voice over. Youtube is also free of charge and very easy to figure out. There are also many video trainings done very professionally.
  5. Facebook is another good place to share your posts, I would recommend joining groups that relate to your niche and share your latest posts there, with thousands people you do not know, instead of only posting on your personal page with the small number of people who already know about you and your blog.
  6. Instagram is another very popular social media platform where you can share your posts instantly and gain a lot of new followers as well. Instagram is owned by Facebook which makes it simple to merge your use of the two of them together for more convenience and to save time.
  7. The last but not least is LinkedIn. Yes, LinkedIn, not Twitter or reddit and for a very good reason. LinkedIn offers a lot of room for personal description, permitting you to post as much information about yourself as you wish, and the same time building a huge database of clients to whom you can reach by different options such as posting to your blog, by a personal post, or just sharing a link.

If you do all of the above you will get more new clients and friends than you will have time to communicate with. Just from my personal experience, I have been here for a month, and I already spend all my free time answering comments and personal emails.

Please don’t hesitate to email me with any questions

You have my permission to use this content in any way you wish, repost it, copy and paste it, share with fiends, do anything you wish as long as you do not charge money for information that I shared with you here for FREE. If you happen to make a profit from it, oh well.

Wish you all the success in your venture

Love, Health, and Wealth

Yours truly,
Alex Moses

About Your PARTICULAR Business

I’m curious why you still did not accept my FREE offer to double your profits!

I can only think of three reasons:

One, you might think all this doesn’t apply to your PARTICULAR business. That would be a mistake. Our successful business owners cover more than 1,000 different kinds of  businesses dealing with consumers and business-to-business; local, national global; bricks and mortar or cyberspace; you name it – big winners in it are with us! Of course, you can determine this for yourself during your 2-month FREE ‘test drive.’ But I can guarantee: go through the our consultation  you will receive….. see the amazing success stories of the wide variety of business owners included…. and you’ll simply have no lingering doubts;  you WILL discover overlooked opportunities in YOUR business!

Two, you worry now might not be a good time to embark on new strategies.
Maybe you feel too busy yourself, with no extra time to make use of systems I will bring to you.  Maybe you’re worried that “recession” will adversely affect your income, forcing you to “tighten your belt” and wait out the storm. Well, the truth of success is that there is NEVER “good timing.” Successful people make “now” the right time. The good news, here, is that many of our breakthrough strategies save you time, make you more productive, and make it easier to win in business. And, should there be economic downturn, you will be much better equipped to thrive and grow and prosper (even while others around you cry in their soup) with our powerful marketing tools and tactics. One of the most famous self-made, from-scratch billionaires who started and built his sales enterprise during the great Depression, W. Clement Stone, said that THE biggest difference between highly successful and wealthy entrepreneurs and all others is saying “NOW” and “YES”, or whimpering “Later”, “Someday”.  Another friend of mine says “Procrastination is the language of the poor.”

Three, finally, you may be hesitant to trust people you’ve just met here, on
a web site, for the first time. 
I can’t blame you. I’m afraid there are a lot of ‘self-invented yesterday’ pretend experts all over the internet like flies all over a manure-rich pasture – after all, anybody can throw up a web site. Well, we’re VERY real.  We have been growing by double-digit percentages every year for the past 5-years. Many of our most successful clients have been with me for 3, 5, even 8 years and longer!

Not only will we be here for you, we absolutely guarantee everything we provide, and will not keep even a penny of your money unless you agree we’ve earned it lots of times over. This is an unprecedented opportunity, with every benefit and privilege, and a giant gift to begin … The sooner you accept, the sooner the dynamic moneymaking breakthroughs can begin for you!

If you’re a business owner who could really use a true friend….who understands you, who organizes and provides you with practical and actionable information, who applauds your initiative and success….then take this test drive!

Is your business running your life, or are you running your business?

Are you experiencing the freedom you were promising yourself when you got into a business?

After 8 straight years of business consulting,
I’ve narrowed everything down to just three big things that work over and over again.
And ever since I’ve started to focus ONLY on theses THREE BIG THINGS,
my business have continued to get better and better.

Running business is not easy. There are some serious threats out there to your business…
These tips can neutralize success threats, and take them out, before they take you out of the game.
These 3 game changers can give you a massive head start in business.

I can absolutely guarantee that you’ll never look at marketing the same way again
after you finish reading this post

Pay Attention:
The 3 most profitable marketing tactics I have used:
1) Focus on High-Ticket Items
– It is just as easy to sell $10,000 product as $10 product, if not even easier

2) Turn advertising into profits
– 50% of your time you should be focusing on creating advertising that gets new highly qualified leads. Shoot for 30% return on investment, what I mean by that, for every dollar you spend on advertising, try to make 30 cents profit. It might sound like a small number at first glance, but it is 3 time more than the best investor in the world offers his clients, his name is Warren Buffet, you might of heard of him, he is after all second richest man on this planet. One of the main reasons why most business fail, because they don’t understand how to advertise properly and what return to focus on.

3) Your best clients are those Who Initially Say “NO”
– One of the reasons people say “No” they just need a bit more information before saying yes, or any other million reasons that are irrelevant. The best businessman in the world are well prepared for NO, or even looking forward to it. You need to have well tuned strategy to turn prospects who say NO into loyal, paying customers who eventually say “Yes”

Once you have all three rules above in place than you can relax, and enjoy a lasting profitable business.
Alex Moses

I Wasn’t The Best Sales Person But..

As the saying goes…“The Fortune’s In the Follow-Up.”

Studies have shown that most sales are made after the prospect has been contacted five to eight times!  

The problem is, most people don’t have a system in place to contact them nearly this many times, and in most cases, the vast majority of sales are lost because if the prospect isn’t immediately sold or doesn’t take it upon themselves to follow-up about buying, they are never contacted again.

To be successful in business I knew I didn’t need to be the best “sales person” as long as I was the best at follow-up. I created systems to keep in touch with each and every prospect until “they would buy or they would die.”

And this is what I want to show you exactly how to do…and put it on Autopilot.  

Click here now to reserve you spot for this one-time only training where I’ll show you “How To Magnetically Attract Your Ideal Prospects…Convert Them Into Customers, Clients or Patients…And Generate More Repeat Business & Referrals…ALL On Autopilot…GUARANTEED!” 

I’ll not only show you how to put a fully automated 12 month, follow-up plan in place, that you set up once and let run forever, but also how to attract more of your ideal prospects, and get more referrals and repeat business than you thought possible. 

Succeed by Learning to Speak Your Mind to An Audience

Most of us would rather dig a ditch than give a speech.
But the people who get ahead are those who know how to motivate others in public speaking forums.
The next time you’re offered the chance to make a presentation, say Yes!–and follow this advice:
Learn about your audience. Who will be listening? What’s important to them?

If you’re following other speakers, find out who they are and get an idea of what they’re going to talk about so you can fit your remarks into the right context.

Know your material. Don’t wing it with a few notes on a single 3×5 card. Do enough research to understand your topic and anticipate the questions you’re likely to be asked. Prepare an outline, if not a whole speech, and follow it as you talk.

Set a clear goal. Audiences rarely enjoy vague, wishy-washy speeches. Decide what you want your main takeaway to be, a clear call to action, and structure your speech around it.

Practice. Run through the speech a few times before you deliver it to an audience. You’ll feel more comfortable with a solid mastery of the words.

Check out the room. If possible, visit the venue before you have to step up to the lectern. You’ll be more relaxed if you can visualize the material ahead of time. You can also check for sight lines and get a sense of the acoustics.

Have a strong opening. You don’t necessarily have to open with a joke (“A frog, a rabbit, and Donald Trump walk into a bar . . .”), but your opening lines should be clear and focused. Wasting three minutes thanking the host and complimenting the audience (or worse, apologizing for your nerves) will encourage your audience to tune out.

Finish on time. Few listeners ever wish that a speech was longer. As you practice, keep an eye on how much time you’re using, and stick to the time limit. If you come up short, you can always take questions.