About Alex Moses

At the age of 10, I was playing with fireworks, when suddenly – BOOM! – It exploded in my hands, burning both of my eyes and leaving me 100% blind. I found myself in enormous pain and completely terrified. My parents took me to the best doctors in the country, and after a lot of pain and suffering for half a year, my vision was finally restored.

At the age of 14, I got flu that turns into tuberculosis. I was in so much pain for 3 months that even I wished for death just to release myself from this disease.

By the age of 16 my life was finally on a good track. Suddenly our country decided to go on unjust war. For the safety purpose, I became a refugees and flew to Austria going out of a perfect life. After about a month, I moved to Italy, country with less immigration regulations and restrictions.

So here comes the new life of a 17-year-old kid in Rome, Italy. I was sitting on a sidewalk and crying for what just happened to me. Only a month before, I was blessed with money, respect and popularity & suddenly I was homeless in a country where I did not know anyone neither speak the language, nor even had any legal paperwork to be in. Two weeks later, Not only I figured out a way how to generate income, and even hired people to help me. A year later, I finally immigrated to the US and settled in San Jose, CA, USA.

At the age of 23, I moved to Indianapolis, IN. Where I found my first sales job as life insurance agent, with good survival skills under my belt, I quickly became one of the top agents. After only 7 month in the business, I was promoted to a new position as a director of recruiting.

At the age of 26, I was on top of the world. One evening I was watching TV after hard day of work, when suddenly I got the worst headache I’ve ever experienced in my life. My left hand & foot started shaking & I was having a stroke. It took me completely out of my game for a year and ended up costing me the best job I thought I could have at the time.

At the age of 27, I moved to Los Angeles, CA, and started my life all over again. It was the late 90s and the IT industry was booming. I borrowed money and started attending a Information Technology trade school to learn Software development. Within a month after graduating, I got my first job. My career once again began to advance rapidly. A year later, I was already an IT department manager with 13 employees, working with major companies like Coca Cola and Lancôme. As a manager, I had to train clients and new employees on a daily basis. I became so good at teaching that I to decided start my own trade school, where I taught software development.

Suddenly in 2001, the IT bubble burst. I lost my school. Since there were no IT jobs available and I still had quite a bit of savings to live off, I decided to take a break and go traveling. After all, maybe this is what LIFE IS ALL ABOUT! I visited Paris, Amsterdam, and most of the Europe. I took vacations to Jamaica, Mexico just living the high life–until I realized that I was going through my savings way too fast. I started looking for a new source of income. This time around, it was not as easy as I thought it would be and thats when a second stroke hit me & put me out of commission for another year.

When I recovered, the only job I could have was in car sales. Once again, I found myself being really good at it. Without going into details, I ended up being so good at it, that only after two months in the business; I was hired to work at a high-end dealership selling Ferraris, where the average salesperson had at least five years of experience in high-end car sales before they were even considered.

I was once again doing pretty well, making good money until one of my clients liked me so much that he offered me an opportunity to work with him as a 50/50 partner running a legal businesses.

A few years later I started my own business as a marketing consultant. Once again, everything was going great and guess what?

One day my back went out, and I became completely paralyzed. Not only I couldn’t work, neither not even go to the bathroom on my own or even move my hand without crucial pain. I was lost again in the tragedies of life.

By now I was 100% sure that my life was trying to tell me something. My back problem gave me a lot of time to think about my life and what to do with it, since there was not much else I could do.

First, I realized that I had always been chasing money instead of true happiness. As soon as I got financially comfortable, something would happen to take it away from me because my life was centered on the financial chase and nothing more. Even when I was making a lot of money, deep down I was still stressed out, unsatisfied and unhappy with my life, which was the cause of my medical problems.

The doctors recommended the back surgery but when I researched it, I learned that only 50% patients recovered from this surgery have no pain.

I am a very driven person and since traditional medicine wasn’t the answer, I decided to go “nontraditional” or what some people call “spiritual.”

Miraculously, against all doctors’ predictions, I was walking pain-free a month later. THIS WAS MY BIG MOMENT. Suddenly, everything was coming into focus and becoming crystal-clear as I began realizing that all of these setbacks had actually been lessons serving a higher purpose.

I saw the spiritual program that I created to heal my back actually worked. Since at the time I had zero income, I decided to apply it to my financial problems. Well, that was the last time I ever had to worry about money or had mental or emotional stress of any kind. I have finally figured out the way to have no financial, relationship, or any other issues in life. Eight years later, I am still happy doing what I love, living with the love of my life, and enjoying my life to the fullest, absolutely pain-free and in the best shape of my life. I have found my MEANING and my PURPOSE:  helping business owners just like you find their path to their spiritual and financial freedom.

Myers & Briggs Personality Profile.

Alex is friendly, outgoing, organized, efficient, and honest. Tend to be traditional and conservative in his views and is comfortable expressing his opinions.

Because Alex trusts his own personal experiences, he is most interested in working with real things, and solving immediate problems rather than dealing with theory or possibilities.

Alex works hard to meet or exceed the expectations others have for him. He is practical and realistic and wants everything to make sense and be in order.

Alex is direct and frank, liking to get busy, stay busy, and have a lot to show for his efforts. Using logic to draw his conclusions, Alex responsible and conscientious, he enjoys being in charge and therefore is a great leader, able to keep others organized and on track.

Professional Experience:

Published Author with “Marketing and Customer’s Relationship”



  • Sales
  • Online/Off Line Marketing
  • Customer Acquisition Cost
  • Personal Relationship
  • Negotiations
  • Psychology
  • Hypnotherapy
  • NLP

Behavior Psychology Expert – Developed Pre-Employment Test and Career Test



Former Businesses Owner of:

  • Information technology trade school “STS”
  • Legal offices “Justice for All”
  • Telemarketing Wholesale “Blue Chip Entertainment”

Present Business Owner:

  • Business consulting “RYT Consulting”
  • Bridal / Quinceaneras store “Lily Bridal Salon”
  • Online business Gypsy Vapes

Creator of Courses:

13 Keys to Transformation


13 Steps to Spiritual Awakening


Lifework Master Course