Is your business running your life, or are you running your business?

Are you experiencing the freedom you were promising yourself when you got into a business?

After 8 straight years of business consulting,
I’ve narrowed everything down to just three big things that work over and over again.
And ever since I’ve started to focus ONLY on theses THREE BIG THINGS,
my business have continued to get better and better.

Running business is not easy. There are some serious threats out there to your business…
These tips can neutralize success threats, and take them out, before they take you out of the game.
These 3 game changers can give you a massive head start in business.

I can absolutely guarantee that you’ll never look at marketing the same way again
after you finish reading this post

Pay Attention:
The 3 most profitable marketing tactics I have used:
1) Focus on High-Ticket Items
– It is just as easy to sell $10,000 product as $10 product, if not even easier

2) Turn advertising into profits
– 50% of your time you should be focusing on creating advertising that gets new highly qualified leads. Shoot for 30% return on investment, what I mean by that, for every dollar you spend on advertising, try to make 30 cents profit. It might sound like a small number at first glance, but it is 3 time more than the best investor in the world offers his clients, his name is Warren Buffet, you might of heard of him, he is after all second richest man on this planet. One of the main reasons why most business fail, because they don’t understand how to advertise properly and what return to focus on.

3) Your best clients are those Who Initially Say “NO”
– One of the reasons people say “No” they just need a bit more information before saying yes, or any other million reasons that are irrelevant. The best businessman in the world are well prepared for NO, or even looking forward to it. You need to have well tuned strategy to turn prospects who say NO into loyal, paying customers who eventually say “Yes”

Once you have all three rules above in place than you can relax, and enjoy a lasting profitable business.
Alex Moses


4 thoughts on “Is your business running your life, or are you running your business?

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